February 12, 2020


There are no lyrics here and Demetrio Stratos sings his rage without words, but in the liner notes there’s a warning: Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Hence, I bought this and some other Area albums. Too bad tragedy struck this band when Demetrio Stratos died of cancer. While it is sad that Demetrio was gone so soon after this we are left with 5 classic studio albums from this period. Keyboards 2 minutes in before the vocals return. The second turning point was, unfortunately, the untimely death of Demetrio Stratos.

1978 gli dei se ne vanno gli arrabbiati restano

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If Stratos hadn’t passed away, so soon, probably today, we would talk about this album as an vannno to a new music path for Area.

AREA – Gli Dei Se Ne Vanno, Gli Arrabbiati Restano! reviews

Every time I hear it I get more and more agitated. It is said that the ambition of Demetrio Stratos until dying always moved in an advanced part. SonyMusic issued in two numbered edition box sets containing the LP and CD versions of Arbeit macht frei and Caution radiation area along with various inserts.

The website of Paolo Tofani is www.


And, it is partial of the performance that produces the anacatesthesia. Gki got several good tracks on it, and compares well with the rest of their catalogue. This reissue was released in numbered copies for Italy and non-numbered ones for abroad. The flow that arrabbiatj into the part of Free Jazz from the part of the repeated theme might be calculated well as a composition, too.


Arbeit macht frei – gun insert, original top and reissue bottom.

1978 gli dei se ne vanno gli arrabbiati restano

There might be the album’s arranging the element of the music of Bulgaria and the sphere of Arab first wrrabbiati the composition of their albums comparing it a lot.

A good flow of Bass and a complex composition are splendidly expressed.

1978 gli dei se ne vanno gli arrabbiati restano

The second track ‘Interno Con Figure E Luci’ is structured between instrumental parts and moments in which Stratos remains the only creating every kind of sounds from his throat. But this is not a typical The arrwbbiati real fact is that the title of the piece resumes a writing attached to a post, during the Bastille’s taking in Paris.

It sounds hilarious, almost like a phone sex conversation. Parco Lambro with Gerontocrazia. The lighter tone of the songs and the Zappa-esque humour intrusions demonstrate that amply. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Guitarist Paolo Tofani was gone, and there was no replacement. This was probably the last time the Area name has appeared on an album of new recordings, the group kept playing until then split.

But, unfortunately, we have to label it as the ‘swan song’ of one of the best vocalists ever of the universe of the progressive rock music. The band was turning toward jazz and even the posthumous live recordings from concerts seem to demonstrate it. Arbeit macht frei – another original gun insert, with different text “Corpo di reato”.

1978 gli dei se ne vanno gli arrabbiati restano

The piece is timeless and we only perceive a synth carpet with a heavy and suffered contrabass accompanying the melancholic vocalization of Stratos. This is the last record with Demetrio Stratos on vocals one year later he will die and the emotions that this album, the best Area album, for me, provoke in me are r Are a zione – front cover.


The performance of the band that emphasizes an acoustic part continues a good flow. The playful tone and accessibility of the album makes it a close companion to the Crac! I’d really have loved g,i hear his answer to the 80’s.

And, the part of complete Solo of the keyboard in close relation to the obbligati of the wind instrument might create one space. Busnello and Djivas left, added: The song in close relation to the composition of the refined tune is powerful. The eighth track ‘FFF Festa, Farina E Forca ‘ is another instrumental piece, starting from a single drum that later flow into an almost ambient relaxing part to culminate in another jazz style in which Fariselli shows off all his piano skills.

I don’t want to write as much as I’ve written for “Chernobyl “. However, this album remains a great piece and justifies why I consider Area the most original and creative Italian prog rock band ever.