February 13, 2020


Relaunch Lightroom try again. I have tried re-downloading the zip file, but still get the same result. December 9, at 8: I have also uninstalled and then reloaded the program and updates without any changes in the issues. Point Curve adjustments made in Lightroom 3 and before have been restored. May 2, at

adobe lightroom 4.1 rc2

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The files from Photoshop take the middle exposure lightorom the baseline, and are easy to process in Lightroom. January 8, at 1: May 9, at Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom RC 2 Released to Labs « Adobe Labs

I had mine on a D drive and it wanted to go to C: The Adjustment Brush pin would not properly accept negative values. Do they expect raves only?

adobe lightroom 4.1 rc2

Do I wait till the next release update and hope it is fixed and in the meantime to a DNG conversion of the files before import or do I take the leap and avoid uploading video and using all the cool video options for who knows how long … conundrum. May 23, at 2: Lightroom 4 on Mac App Store. It worked fine in 3.


Adobe Releases Lightroom RC2 | Canon Rumors

September 29, at 4: April 26, at More info on file locations: Is Elements 10 capable of doing ORF file? May 8, at 9: April 27, at May 4, at 8: May 16, at 3: Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. I downloaded the latest and greatest release candidtate that is suppose to support these cameras and still no images. I second what jsa said.

In lightriom case this version do not delete files from the HD. Relaunch Lightroom try again. After the upgrade I found things were still slow and in some cases no response at all.

adobe lightroom 4.1 rc2

I have a screen shot of this if you wanted to see it. May 15, at 1: I am certainly not going to meet my deadlines with this performance and I am so far into the process of working on a large job in LR4 I would not think of starting all over again in LR 3. Please get rc22 with Fuji and fix this or you will lose loyal users like myself.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.1 RC 2 Released to Labs

Bernd Goetz – Germany says: May 23, at 7: After a few minutes it tells me CS6 could not be opened, when in fact it is already open. Extremely frustrated and looking for another editing software now.

Why has a lens ptofile for the Canon mm f4 L lens, never been included in Lightroom?? I am a new User.

May 8, at 4: I had contact with Adobe last month about the performance while shooting tethered.