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Before publishing Reflection X or Reflection Suite for X , delete from the virtual file system the. Prior to version 5 of App-V, when you sequenced an application that required a reboot, the reboot was simulated in that the sequencer would process the reboot action including the Pending File Operations and the RunOnce registry keys RunOnce, RunOnceEx, GuiRunOnce, etc. Retrieved from ” https: Once the package is a confirmed working 4. These log files are stored in the logs subdirectory of the Sequencer installation directory which defaults to C:

app v sequencer 4.6 sp1

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Views Read Edit View history. If you do not plan to use an Administrative Install to automate parts of the installation and add user session documents, then proceed to Phase II.

Microsoft App-V

First and foremost, you may have noticed there is no separate virtual service agent service running for the V5 client. In most cases, the sequencer will capture that removal and thus remove the service entry. There was no 1. For moving to is 4. Test the package functionality using a test client running App-V 4. Services that are virtualized will also have read-only configuration during run-time when virtualized. Some Reflection application components may not be needed.


Sequence the application using the Application Virtualization Sequencer, and then copy the sequenced package files to the Distribution Point or Virtual Application Server. Services that automatically update base software binaries can cause applications not srquencer function as expected.

sequencer | The Mad Virtualizer at Microsoft

The Sequencer does not save state so when a new Sequencer session is open and a package is opened for upgrade, the settings are in the default state. From Wikipedia, apl free encyclopedia.

It is sometimes desirable to use this API directly at the client, either manually or using additional tooling developed by third parties. Top Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

It works great in conjunction with a process monitor log. How is this possible?

app v sequencer 4.6 sp1

This step is often left out — but is necessary. Notice you will get a specific alert when doing so. It tracks file activity but must be decoded with an internal utility.

Once you have all of these settings the way you sdquencer them then you can proceed to save the template. It also may be sent instructions via a client API, which is used by System Center deployments, the virtual msi, sfquencer stand-alone methods.


The streamed package contents are cached by the client in memory for the duration of the application session, and may be retained in a local disk cache for future use. Or, you can install the companion.

app v sequencer 4.6 sp1

I prefer Trace32 of course! The Mad Virtualizer at Microsoft. Don’t show this message again.

Here is an example:. The sequencer monitors the application installation, configuration, and runtime use of file and registry resources to determine package contents and configuration. This would explain why the files got deleted after the monitoring process ended. Bill B Paul Allen. Known Issue with App-V Version 4. The App-V client presents the user with a neat, locally installed application experience for virtualized applications. Once this is in place, copy the package to the sequencer machine and 46.

launch the sequencer application. EXE or even use the SC command if you are looking for a safer alternative for removing service registrations.

app v sequencer 4.6 sp1

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