February 20, 2020


Pretty fingering guitar melody. Teaparty For An Orchard background organ and acoustic rhythm guitar chords are beautiful. Such a feel-good song. Now, there is nothing wrong with The Band and there is nothing wrong with country. Vocals come in singing “One grain of sand, one grain of sand in all this world”. The cover struck me immediately, of course. Such a magnificent piece of art.

culpepers orchard 1971

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Though not listed here on Progarchives,there is another album from these guys under the band name Culpeper as opposed to Culpeper’s Orchard. Culpeper’s Orchard Culpeper’s Orchard Eclectic Prog Review by psychprog1 This is arguably one of the top 10 70s European non-British albums in any sub-genre of rock cullpepers. The atmosphere is english with danish topping and that is really great.

It’s a hard rock track. Their brand of hard rock, prog, folk and a slice of countryfied rock was and is superb.

This is an album for those already into Culpeper’s Orchard. Listening to this album you will find the guitar solos very Clapton’esque, bluezy and deep, and the lead guitar is always doing something! Rare Danish issue Psych Prog.

I bought it in a recordstore with the basic selection of albums, ranging from the usual pop to the usual metal, but in the far corner there was a shelf with hard to get reissues with the likes of Leaf Hound, Kahvas Jute, Dr.


Hey You People has a psychedelic prog vibe, with a little Beatles touch. The problem lies in the material. I would give that album 3 stars. The song back to the angry rock, but you will find a cool harpsichord at the guitar solo background this time. The material on “Second sight” is simply lesss urgent, less forceful and less intriguing.

culpepers orchard 1971

I do quite like the cover and you get song titles on the front cover,which I guess is the most unique thing about this album. While uclpepers first album is one of my Top5 albums and has been rated five stars by me, the decline seemed rapid for Culpeper’s Orchard.

There you have it. Such a pleasant voice. Love those vocals too. There’s blues, hard rock, prog, folk and country all mixed up and presented in a fine fashion. Nice guitar solo starting before 3 minutes. It culminates with the high-energy, amazingly climaxing “Mountain Music Part 2”.

Studio Album, 2. orcahrd

Culpeper’s Orchard – Wikipedia, den frie encyklop√¶di

I have struggled with this album over the years and every time I 11971 the same experience and draw the same conclusion. Now with this album Culpeper’s Orchard took a turn and started playing a folkyish southern rock country style.

The second track, Mountain Music Part. Instrumemtation is fine and there is now a fair bit of slide guitar added to suit their new genre I suppose.


culpepers orchard 1971

Vocals join in too. The opening, “Julia”, is a lovely folkstruck little thing I enjoy.

Culpeper’s Orchard

The short chorus including piano is kinda boring imo, but it’s very short, it does not change anything. The 19971 rock finalization part kick asses and the song continues in a quick folk ending, with strings and flutes in a very Jethro Tull way.

I like this one a lot. It’s heavy again and more passionate vocals follow after 3 minutes. The musucianship is great and played with a really rough edge, which I like. The main problem on this album really is “Late night woman blues”. The guitar is lighting it up after a minute then a heavy rhythm section kicks in as 9171 guitar lays the soundscape waste. Even if I was to look at orcahrd album as one made by a band that never recorded another track the judgement would be the same.