February 14, 2020


In additon to the edit dialog DbNetGrid also allows the grid to be edited directly so that a whole page of data can be modified in a single transaction. Selecting columns at run-time. Setting a filter column value. Sign up using Facebook. Using a grid as a lookup. Using transform to make a hyperlink. Inserting multiple records from a lookup.


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Customising the export of selected rows.

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Overriding the row double click event. Managing columns with large amounts of text Implementing a custom edit dialog.

Combining functions from two grids into a single grid. Multi-value edit lookup Supplying an initial default value. Adding dbnetgrjd custom node image. Adding a custom lookup to an edit field.

Custom lookup maintenance form. View Dialog Customisation Dynamically changing “group by” criteria Displaying information on 2 rows Customising the chart configuration. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Dbnftgrid grids with linked edit forms. Using Lookup to add an aggregate. Adding a totals row.


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Search DbNetGrid includes a powerful search dialog that allows you to easily interrogate your data. Asked 4 years, 9 months ago. Converting a server-control implementation. Run Sample Edit DbNetGrid includes a built-in edit dialog that enables you to edit the currently selected row and add new rows.

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Using Group By with a column lookup Selecting columns at run-time. Dbnefgrid the grid after an edit. Applying the search with the Enter key. Exporting from a nested grid.

Adding columns at runtime. Passing grid information to another page.


Creating a dependent lookup. Edit Dialog layout configuration. Creating a simple application. I have many problems with it, please, any idea, answer me! Root folder physical path.

Applying a custom filter.


Implementing a custom search interface. Writing grid properties dynamically