February 9, 2020


But I do like where the stories leading and the fact that the true goss have finally made an appearance. She was playing right into the hands of the very ones that wanted to enslave her. So much is revealed in this book. Once the gods have revealed themselves and unleashed their wrath, lives will be irrevocably changed – and destroyed. There were some devastating parts and parts that left me speechless, breathless and ready to kick ass and take names! You will see for yourself and consider this happenings positive for our couple. And the cliffhanger was just torture!

deity jennifer armentrout

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If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it.

Deity : The Third Covenant Novel

Just enough is revealed to keep you hooked and just enough mystery is revealed to give a relatively resolved ending. All the armfntrout is centered on the days until her Awakening and how will she act and feel upon it.

deity jennifer armentrout

Read them right away and come back to read this. I know Seth lovers will hate me and it’s totally cool, I can take it.

Deity (The Third Covenant Novel) : Jennifer L. Armentrout :

Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Armentrout – Starting June 19th, Seth heads off to New York with Lucian so we don’t see too much of him in this book, and I missed him, the fun and humour that he brought to these books. This wasn’t the Seth we were introduced to and I feel jenmifer every bit as much as Alex does. I can’t wait to get my hands on the manuscript to book 4!


It is going to be EPIC! This was really starting to annoy me. This book starts right where Pure left off and finished with Alex’s awakening.

Where the heck is her dad though? To be honest, Alex annoyed me in Half-Blood. I had to know what would happen between him and Alex. Where are the Furies when you need them? I love love loved nennifer this sweet and playful and affectionate side to him besides the already established protectiveness and loyal qualities he possesses.

deity jennifer armentrout

Armentrour will do anything to protect her. The cord tightened as his hand slipped down my arm, over my stomach and under the hem of my shirt.

deity jennifer armentrout

The end was pure torture…and I loved every word. I suggest you guys should read the book when it comes out to see why I have no words for him.

There was just this… and Seth. Then I read Pure and I was buying into this series even more. Even if I’ve never been really fond of him, I don’t agree with all the hate towards his character. If you are baffled by my non-review and really want to know what my deal is, you can find out by readi Okay, so I made a promise that if I were to continue with this series that I would nix the pissy commentary and use my review space only for the purpose of tracking the books as read.


Deity reveals many things, and I have a much clearer picture now. My second top book of – just behind Onyx. I felt the cord rushing to the surface before I actually opened my eyes.

One will do anything to protect her. Return to Book Page. Lastly, but definitely not least, we get to see some really kick-ass scenes and interaction with the gods themselves in this book, which was really fun. Seth is sexy, for sure, but his motives are always under suspicion, in my opinion; even more so as we have some revelations.

But in this book he finally reveals his true self to her.

If she writes it, her fans are definitely going to read it, and then gush about it to everyone and anyone who will listen.