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Published on Jun 11, in Climate. Georges Tsakiris 4 Estimated H-index: The purpose of this study is to investigate the spatial drought characterizations of Seyhan River basin in the Eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey. However, regional assessment of the perturbation has been lacking. Abstract Drought indices allow for the characterization of drought events, being the most widely used the Standardized Precipitation Index SPI , which is recommended by the World Meteorological Organization WMO as the standard drought index. Evaluation of a Hydrological Drought Index. DrinC — Drought Indices Calculator version:

drinc software

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Short tutorial videos are available at DrinC YouTube channel.

DrinC: a software for drought analysis based on drought indices

Drought indices are estimations of precipitation shortage ddrinc water supply deficit. Identification of critical watershed using hydrological model and drought indices: Environmental Processes, 4 suppl 1: A Landsat-based satellite salinity index, the Enhanced Salinity Index ESIwas developed in this study to explore patterns of annual salinity variat The consequence of climate variations on hydrology remains the greatest challenging aspect of managing water resources.

drinc software

Drought is a complex phenomenon which can be characterised mainly by its severity, duration and areal extent. Paula Paredes 18 Estimated Vrinc Kanellou 1 Estimated H-index: The paper aims at presenting the overall design and the implementation of the software along with the utilisation of various approaches for drought analysis.


The software may be used in a variety of applications, such as drought monitoring, assessment of the spatial distribution of drought, investigation of climatic and drought scenarios, etc. One of the most important hazards in terms of cost, frequency of occurrence and impact on humans is drought. The RDI as a composite climatic index. Drought is a major natural hazard with significant effects in the agricultural sector, especially in arid and semi-arid regions.

This study aims to provide a historical baseline using the standardized precipitation index SPI and meteorological drought maps, and to investigate dtinc spatial and temporal trends drihc long-term historical precipitation records.

Bruno Serafini Sobral 2 Estimated H-index: Georges Tsakiris 4 Estimated H-index: The following article describes the main components of the software. Published in Natural Hazards 2. Earth Science Informatics, 8 3: Ana Iglesias 31 Estimated H-index: Water Resources Management, Assessment of Hydrological Drought Revisited.

Several drought indices with varying complexity have been used in many geographical areas.

Since RDI is based both on precipitation and potential evapotranspiration PETit is interesting softtware assess the effect of the PET calculation method on the drought severity character The paper focuses also on operational water management in the presence of drought Preeti Ramkar 1 Estimated H-index: This research quantifies the characteristics of the meteorological and hydrological drought using the hydrological model and drought indices in the upper Girna subbasin, Nashik, India.


Sofware methodologies have been proposed for drought characterisation, based either on the consequences or on specially devised sortware. Journal of Arid Environments, Abstract Most coastal areas globally face water shortages in the dry season due to salinization and drought.

The accurate and timely characterisation of agricultural drought is crucial for devising contingency plans, including the necessary mitigation measures.

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Abstract Drought severity is conventionally assessed by drought indices. Yonca CavusHafzullah Aksoy. Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Applied Climatology Vol.

drinc software

Drought impacts on yield potential in rainfed agriculture. An online enhanced pdf version of the paper is available here A copy of the accepted version of the manuscript is available for drinx here.