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Haha, does anyone even care that he released it? A “behind the scenes” story. I just noticed this shit while browsing dx forums, its hilarious the fact that after 3 years even more i think of the buggy DukesterX 2. Another guess may be some level of motivation, as a result of people leaving Dukester X and moving towards alternatives. NY00 recalls hearing of wxWidgets from someone after asking so he had an interest in it.

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Duke Nukem 3D – YANG – Meltdown – History

Still NY00 felt like he was losing some amount of control. Effective immediately, these forums are now closed. Before that, though, NY00 wanted to talk with Poda about the possibility of doing it, along with an explanation. If youre curious enough NY00 also remember’s how in these few days, Poda had a few negative comments written to him in the Eukester X forums, claiming I had a plan of closing the source or so It was quite early back then, and there weren’t many reasons to migrate, especially when it was one old.

You can look for version numbers like 0. One thing NY00 dukesrer, is that he did plan to support just “non-Windows only” games, in the sense that you wouldn’t need Wine on Linux.

Now, NY00 as he’d told before of a mere feeling of losing control, then this is what actually happened in these days.


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See you on the dukestdr side. Well, yes, most of the players playing online Dukematches used Dukester X and kept using it, although there were a few beginning to use YANG. Maybe it’s a result of not expecting such a thing so early. To compare, Dukestet had its source code available since October ofyet NY00 hadn’t seen much interest in it. So, at a later point, NY00 actually got to try coding something.

dukester x 1.6

A short time after Poda got aware of it, he released an update to Meltdown with a new splash screen shown on startup. In the Meltdown global chat, which supports the insertion of built-in pictures into the chat lines, Poda added pics of Replica and the same girl; Of course without their permission.

Duke Nukem 3D – YANG – Meltdown – History

.16 Well NY00 heard that he also asked other ppl for help, with Turrican being among them. Another guess may be some level of motivation, as a result of people leaving Dukester X and moving towards alternatives.

During the following weeks, a few players actually used it for playing, at least for experimenting a little. Now, after reading this, I guess you’d understand why it wouldn’t make sense to let YANG and Meltdown talk with each other, nor to have any new kind of code sharing in general. It’s true that someone else could come up with another front-end to become a success in that case, though.


Replica began hosting a master server. Find More Posts by TerminX.

dukester x 1.6

Poda said that his original intentions were dukeser compile YANG so it’d work on Win98, then realizing that a few Dukers may appreciate little updates, thus forming the branch. Page generated in 0. Also he admitted to me later of doing such an attack after telling him to stop, he didn’t until later. I recall that when Dukester X was back as version 1. Find More Posts by The Commander. Well, initially, he had a few suggestions for YANG.

Haha, does anyone even care that he released it? A “behind the scenes” story.

dukester x 1.6

NY00 dukestsr that as a response to a post of his, Replica had a suggestion for how would YANG and Meltdown work together in the future Well, it was planned to be open source, then was initially released in closed source form, later open; Eventually, there wasn’t any progress regarding Linux support. Near the end of July, version 0. It’s true, though, that since some point in time, I’ve begun feeling somewhat uncomfortable about it.

That’s dukfster months after he stopped playing on Dukester X using the Windows platform, as he got into another game.