February 4, 2020


In reality the Pakistani enemies list started and stopped with India although there were always belligerent noises toward Israel. To ask other readers questions about Magnificent Delusions , please sign up. Senior advisor to Holbrooke, Vali Nasr, recalls that this advice was disregarded by the Obama administration at a time when the schedule for a troop drawdown had already been chalked out. The really disturbing thing about this story, as told by the author, is how fundamentally skewed the domestic dialog is in Pakistan around foreign policy. A general withdrawal of US interest and support seems in order if we don’t have any way of improving the governance and security situation, and if our involvement is in fact facilitating the Pakistani government’s bad behavior in the region and vis a vis its own people. But out to the world they were the champions who fought for USA against the rising tide of soviet communism. Mar 26, Angad Nagra rated it it was amazing.

husain haqqani magnificent delusions

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COVER STORY: Magnificent Delusions by Husain Haqqani – Newspaper –

The Pakistani people, particularly, have been toyed with, lied to, and manipulated by their leaders from day one to the present. Haqqani writes that Pakistan has had an inflated view of its importance on the world stage since and expects the United States to fund and arm it.

husain haqqani magnificent delusions

America, he advises, should not expect aid to translate into leverage, and Pakistan must not pursue its military ambitions through American aid. The pro forma pronouncements against the Soviets in Afghanistan were mainly to keep the flow of funds moving from Washington.

The book’s tone is strikingly restrained, subjective yet never polemical. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.


husain haqqani magnificent delusions

This book is an account of the coziness that Pakistan enjoys with the US right from its inception and how so ,agnificent unlike friends, they continue to work together in the strangest of ways. Each believes it can play the other—with sometimes absurd, sometimes tragic, results.

Perceptions about the other have fuelled greater instability in relations between the two countries. While earlier there were only few magnificdnt voices in the US against the huge volume of funds pumped to Pakistan, this incident made the people of America come out openly against Pakistan.

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It’ll make you acutely aware how much they value aid and how reliant they are on it. High-level officials are and have always been completely fixated on a kind of little-brother orientation to India, where they are always trying to be big enough and strong enough to match with their neighbor. Haqqani, former Pakistani Ambassador to the United States and currently persona non grata extremely non grata from his homeland, denounced as a traitor and magnfiicent of betraying the Pakistani military in favor of the United States, has no illusions about who runs his native land and who benefits from it.

While it is worth the time, the reader should know going in that it has quite a slant.

Magnificent Delusions: Pakistan, the United States, and an Epic History of Misunderstanding

Ambassador Haqqani suffered a lot of criticism, the political firestorm that saw him out of the office of Ambassador, and even death threats for refusing to mince words and step in line with the powers that be and their political agendas, be it in his first book, his Ambassadorship, or now in this book. Ships from and sold by tabletopart. The American role is just as grim.

On Friday, a model court in A feeling of absolute ease, comfort and wellbeing? Of their self-perceived importance in the world order….


Across the borders of Pakistan its geographically bigger neighbor — India was slowly coming to terms with its independence from the Brits too. Understanding how those actions were interpreted by the powers that be in Pakistan, and visa versa, is the focus of the book. Start reading Magnificent Delusions on your Kindle in under a minute.

If you knew someone for 68 years of your life, how would that relation be? After each defeat, Pakistan explained its defeat away, thereby keeping the rivalry alive at least at a psychological level. I think the only way to get out of this situation is to work on the economy like Turkey.

All in all, an honest documentation subcontinent’s recent history. Instead governments Civilian and military wasted aid opportunities one after another in building up military muscle instead of investing in selusions development.

The September 11 Attacks: Pakistan appears to be obsessed with its relative status with India throughout it entire history, to the point that it can’t otherwise function. No trivia or quizzes yet. Dec 29, Rajesh Suseelan rated it really liked it. From the beginning, Pakistan expected US aid in return for as little as possible.

After reading this book, Husakn came off with a deep sense of sympathy for the people of Pakistan. However, putting my speculation aside, Haqqani has truly delivered a gem with this narrative. I first read Ghost Wars: