February 8, 2020


BM Java 6 was updated to version 6 SR16 to fix several security issues and various other bugs. Improving the question-asking experience. When javadoc documentation was generated from an untrusted Java source code and hosted on a domain not controlled by the code author, these issues could make it easier to perform cross-site scripting XSS attacks. Debian Local Security Checks. Enhance array copies – S, CVE

jdk 6u71

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There is really no excuse for purchasing a new application that is tied to a depreciated product that no longer receives security updates.

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An application my company is considering buying requires Java 6. An insecure temporary file use flaw was found in the way the unpack utility created log files. An attacker could exploit these to cause a denial of service or expose sensitive data over the network.

Am I just getting lost? Note this issue only affects Microsoft Windows hosts. A specially crafted image could trigger Java Virtual Machine memory corruption when processed. Validate global memory allocation – S, 6y71 Update jdk7 testlibrary to match jdk8 – S Enhance signed jar verification – S, CVE Enhance activation set up – S CVE – A privilege escalation vulnerability in Oracle Hdk allows remote attacks to overwrite arbitrary files via a flaw in unpack Enhance argument validation – S, CVE This variable was not properly zeroed out before being passed to the Java Jek Machine, resulting in a memory leak in the java.


CVE – A vulnerability in Oracle Java allows a remote attacker to bypass security features through flaws in the random number generation of cryptographic protection.

jdk 6u71

Clarify jar verifications – S It is, therefore, affected by multiple vulnerabilities related to the bundled version of Oracle JRE prior to 1. Support ppc64le via Zero – PR Log In or Register to leave comments! If your organization goes forward with this purchase, make sure 6u17 include the cost of Oracle’s extended support in the capital item for the application as udk is a dependency that needs security patching and support along with the application it supports.

jdk 6u71

File 6u1 should be choosier – S A local attacker could possibly use this issue to overwrite arbitrary files. Used in fixlets. Success Criteria This action will be considered successful when the applicability relevance evaluates to false. Maximum arity maxed out – S Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled.

jdk 6u71

Content Search Share Learn Projects. These flaws could make it easier for a remote attacker to perform DNS spoofing attacks.


Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded 6u71/7u51/8 JAX-WS cross site scripting

Introduce document horizon – S It is, therefore, potentially affected by security issues in the following components: You’ll really have to talk to someone at Oracle.

Use the following options to customize the search to your specific needs. Check local configuration for actual ephemeral port range – S Second phase of branch shortening doesn’t account for loop alignment – S Post as a guest Name.