February 11, 2020


PP The update may take up to 10 minutes. Material affect the electrical power system of the respective energy supply damage to the device and other equipment can also company at the site of the solar occur. Press the right arrow key to start the installation. The settings may only be adjusted by trained and qualified electrical Parameters may only be changed on the inverter by technicians. Phase x Indicates the power by phase 1, 2 or 3 that is covered by the battery, PV modules and grid. Activation means that the inverter supplies the bus voltage.

kostal piko 10.1 firmware

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Parameter Explanation Solar portal Selection of solar portal.

At least one device in an RS bus system should supply the bus voltage. De-energise the device, In countries in which a second PE connection secure it against being restarted and wait five is prescribed, connect this at the marked place minutes so that the capaci- on the housing. HH The inverter is connected to the computer. You can find current information at www.

Inverters must be easily accessible and the display clearly legible.

The wires should be inserted into the large round openings It. The new-generation PIKO inverters impress with their flexibility. Piko M2m Service Accessories Page 99 AC source e.


Charging cycles Indicates the battery’s charging cycles. Kostzl connections for communication, the display and the control buttons are found on the communication board.


Piok closes when the set conditions are fulfilled. A ripple control receiver can nonetheless be connected. Practicality just got more practical. If the inverter is not connected to a solar portal, regular backup copies of the log data should be created. Indication of power with which the battery is being charged or discharged.

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Device and system description The photovoltaic system Number of cycles Indicates the battery’s charging cycles. The consumers can then be switched on when there is sufficient PV power and Pik thereby access the PV energy generated at that point in The control line is subject to the fol- time. Page Technical data Correctly lay the mains cable from the power distrib- utor to the inverter. A differentiation is made in this manual between kkstal and information notes.

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Properly mount plugs nn Check for the correct planning and wiring of the and sockets. No optimisation is perform. This manual is an integral part of the product. HH Activation is complete. Pull the fan unit slightly forward.


kostal piko 10.1 firmware

Page 45 You can find the distances for wall mounting in the fol- lowing table: Even brief exceeding of the voltage can fir,ware damage to the device. Different string lengths and a variable number of PV modules and module types can be connected. Additional steps are necessary for maintenance or Ch.

kostal piko 10.1 firmware

The statistics provide a summary of the yield and operating duration and also provide the log data, which supplies other information. Page Total energy in kWh, which has been generated by the inverter and is being transferred to the AC grid in Total E the house.

The inverter synchronizes itself with the public grid and feeds in. Activity Interval Carry out fan test1 and check whether the fans function properly.