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Sopespian withdraws his troops to the bridge, thinking that that might prove a more defensible position. Then Trufflehunter smells out a Telmarine search party, and the three must run for their lives. Lucy’s is the only voice of reason: When they appear to disappear through the portal that Aslan creates, the other Telmarines express skepticism, and Reepicheep offers to lead eleven mice through the portal to serve as an example. Caspian is able to rescue Doctor Cornelius, his old professor–but then wastes crucial time confronting Miraz and his wife over the death of his father. The last thing that Cornelius gives Caspian is an ornate ivory horn, with the advice to blow it only at an hour of dire need–and that “everything you know is about to change. Surprisingly, they see centaurs, fauns, satyrs, minotaurs, badgers, and wolves–all on the same side, whereas years ago they had been enemies–and a new kind of Narnian:

letopisy narnie princ kaspian sk

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Before he can decide which side he really wants to be on, an animated tree root ak itself out of the ground behind him, picks him up, and pulls him into an overhang, knocking him senseless.

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Letopisy Narnie: Princ Kaspian / The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian () | Videa |

Princ Kaspian je dobrodru ny rodinny fantasy film z roku podle v po adi druhe knihy C. Then Peter beholds Edmund, who has stabbed the block with his sword. Aslan leads Caspian and the four Pevensie children through the Telmarines’ capital city, whose inhabitants greet them all with cheers and garlands, and then into the castle, which from now on will have a far less gloomy aspect. Miraz then brazenly swears to find Caspian and “finish what our ancestors began” if he has to cut down every tree in the Shuddering Wood.


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Nikabrik and the werewolf then lay hold of Caspian, and the hag slashes his left palm to force him to contribute the blood. Back at Cair Paravel, Edmund detects the signs of an artillery barrage, the first sign letoopisy Narnia was in fact invaded, hundreds of years ago in Narnian time.

letopisy narnie princ kaspian sk

In fact, Trumpkin must kill a large bear that almost kills Lucy. One rock cast by a trebuchet knocks down one tree, which collapses and dies–but then another tree extends a long root to topple the trebuchet and crush it. Peter will have none of it.

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Letopisy Narnie: Princ Kaspian

The lead centaur, Glenstorm, then tells the assembly that an astronomical conjunction has convinced him that the time is right for just such an alliance as Caspian offers. Edmund is inclined letoipsy accept anything that Lucy says, because “the last time I didn’t believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid. Lucy is a little sad as she realizes that every friend they had on Narnia is now long since dead.

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This deal does not apply to: With the aid of Edmund’s new electric torch, the Pevensies find four trunks containing all their royal costumes and their original weapons and other accouterments–except that Susan’s horn is missing.

letopisy narnie princ kaspian sk

As Peter and Miraz engage one another among some ruins outside the How, Susan and Lucy ride part-way into the woods, and then Susan sends Lucy on alone, and turns to meet a Telmarine patrol with her bow and arrows. Susan and Lucy are most fascinated by another find deep in the How: Lucy might or might not remember that a group of mice freed Aslan from his bonds at the Stone Table after he had submitted to a ritual sacrifice; in fact Aslan granted to mice the power of speech as a reward.


At last Peter realizes how mistaken he has been, and finally accepts Lucy’s insistence that she can recognize Aslan and find him again. Then the little band of mice bring Reepicheep forward on a litter.

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A small wooden rowboat, rowed by two Telmarine soldiers, comes down to the mouth of the Great River. The Letoipsy and Trumpkin travel to the Ford of Beruna, but discover it occupied with a combat-engineering crew, led by Sopespian and Glozelle. Trumpkin and the four children row up-river, as Trumpkin tells them that the trees never talk anymore, that “Aslan” apparently abandoned them with the four children seemingly did, and that many of the Talking Beasts of Narnia don’t know how to talk anymore.

Caspian, for his part, has a heart-to-heart talk with Cornelius, who tells him that he always looked for Caspian to be “that most noble contradiction: Miraz’ lords, using a little too prind charm, suggest that Miraz is “within his rights” to refuse.

But Caspian’s loyal and devoted “professor,” Doctor Cornelius Vincent Grasswill not allow that to happen. Susan and Lucy depart, astride Caspian’s faithful war-charger.

letopisy narnie princ kaspian sk