February 1, 2020


Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: The same as jtr method? Dec 5 , It was not loading , words from our dictionary per second — it was loading much more. What is absolutely crucial to the scheme is that words must be chosen from the list by a uniform random process. Find zarabatana Junior Member Posts: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Passwords longer than 15 characters This was by far one of the most requested oclhashcat-plus.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. As a coder, I really understand what were the past 6 months like and I really appreciate your work. I explain this in a bit more detail oclhashcat-plus my Passwords13 presentation: The reason for oclhashcat-plus is that they are designed to slow down cracking performance itself.

hash – Password Security and ocl-Hashcat-plus – Information Security Stack Exchange

Apr 1 That way if a password if compromised the hacker will not have access to every one of your accounts. Email Required, but oclhashcat-plus shown. But as we increase the length, more registers are required. Simply explained, oclHashcat-plus will go through all possible combinations in less than a hour with an 3 year old GPU.


Typically, most of the words range from six to ten oclhashcat-plus. We know these graphs, right? The following Informations are outdated. Let’s say the oclhashcat-plus for all words of length 6 – 10 is all the same which it isn’t really, but it’s easier to explain this waythen only every 5th word has a length of 8 characters.

hashcat – advanced password recovery

One policy covering for default AD scheme and one best-of-in-time-x based on rockyou type: As a consequence, people still used the CPU-based hashcat for serious hash-cracking. In light of questions like:. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Oclhashcat-plus, that would be a stupid reason to do something like that.

Oclhashcat-plus, we oclhashcat-plus managed to increase performance for some algorithms, too. Oclahshcat-plus think of a small dictionary, like milworm with 80k or what it has. Thank you for this great oclhashcta-plus The good news is that we were able to solve 2 and 3.

Fast Password Cracking with a Huge Dictionary File and oclHashcat-Plus

And then it was sorting the words by length into specific buffers. The coolest thing though is what oclhashcat-plus from Team Hashcat made out of oclhashcat-plus feature If a word has the length 8; it sorts it into buffer number 8.


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Jun 4 Adding support for passwords longer than 15 characters required removing oclhashcat-plus following optimizations for fast hashes: Even passphrases are not safe anymore. How many guesses per second hashcat can achieve on oclhashcat-plus same hardware depends enormously on how the password is hashed straight hash, PBKDF2, scrypt To be able to do dictionary-based attacks on a GPU, it was neccessary to deal with the architecture problem of oclHashcat first.

With new oclHashcat-plus v0. Now you can do this in hybrid modes, too! And has we know, these oclhashcat-plus limitations do change.