February 14, 2020


You can also try using a flash drive. We can now right-click on the hashes and select what type of hash crack we want to proceed with. Like say for example I know the password follows a pattern; bk ksow. Is that a safe system or am I just missing the right auditing tools? I get the following error message:


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If you don’t know the pwdump3v of your computer, simply type ” hostname ” as the command prompt and Windows will return the name of your computer. Is there any way to grab Windows passwords using backtrack besides Metasploit?

Pwvump3v2 are beginning to use it extensively within Windows domains for broad password auditing, and in conjunction with other tools ownr and pwdumpToMatrix. OK, my mind is blown. So i know their password has a number, then “bk”, then a 2 digit number, then “ksow”, then another number and I want to bruteforce based on this knowledge.

Anyway, I’m going to change the test account password to something arbitrary and then test. Sometimes Active Directory’s password policy doesn’t take into account some things you feel are more secure, such as not being able to use any words from the dictionary in your password.

Lets say, havent used acc, and made it ages ago. Ppwdump3v2 Hacker March 4, at 8: What is that used for?


Hack Like a Pro: How to Grab & Crack Encrypted Windows Passwords « Null Byte :: WonderHowTo

We can also grab the hashes without Metasploit if we have physical access to a computer on the network. I have read something abou Cain and Abel bur that seem to pwwdump3v2 work if the person has used your computer. Several of you have written me asking pwvump3v2 to crack passwords.

If anyone could help me out it would be great. It also can dump cached credentials and protected storage items and can be run in a multithreaded fashion very easily. Thanks for the responses. Then, extract the hashes and download to your computer where you can then crack the hashes. Or alternatively, I know the password contains the string “w1r3l” pwdum3v2 it and is somewhere between 9 to 13 characters long?

You can also try using a flash drive. Yes, I can do that. Thanks for the info.


Second, what are you using create your wordlist? Can you give us a screenshot? First, there is an app in metasploit’s SET that generates passwords based upon info you input about the target such as pet names, address, spouse, children’s name, etc.

A Simple Way To Crack Passwords Across Your Domain for Compliance

Now its been merger with heroeswm. Pwdump3 is able to grab the encrypted passwords for us, and we can then crack them with another password cracking tool.


Over time it has grown, and continues to grow, pwdump3v support our assessments and other projects. Hi Sir, i have read some of your tutorials about cracking passwords of windows, i was wondering if there is a way to crack window 7 password remotely pwdimp3v2 window 7 or backtrack?

I strongly recommend using fgdump, especially given that fgdump uses pwdump6 under the hood! Same result every time. However it took a whileso i decided to go with the online crackingand got the second one too. But I am very Unsatisfied With the Result.


I tried to use john to crack the hashes like i read somewhere else, but it recognizes the hash as “nt” or “nt2” but I’ve looked up the actual type and its really supposed to be “md4”.

I tried creating a txt pwdunp3v2 with the words I wanted to try, but even when I plug in the exact password into this txt file I know the password for this Windows 7 acct because it’s a test account it still isn’t successful. Now i want it: Yes, you can crack Windows 7 passwords remotely. I’m not sure what you asking in the first question.