February 6, 2020


Buckets And Booty Calls. The Tonite Show with D-Lo. I write this blog and write for Totally Dublin. Roach Gigz The Year. I review exclusively rap in Totally Dublin now because I am willing to do so and people into reviewing indie rock are easier to find I guess. But you could use it to teach post-Lex Luger ham rap to your hip hop class, for the same reason you get someone with a neutral accent to teach a language to kids. Tagged list5 , Roach Gigz.

roach gigz headache

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Tagged list5Roach Gigz. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

His calm is every bit as valuable as his chaos. He pretty much responds the same way every time, but there might be something to this for once. This site uses cookies. There can only be one king, but a throne can theoretically fit two, and it gives Kanye a great opportunity to patronise an up and coming upholsterer in Milan or somewhere. Live Fast Die Young.

roach gigz headache

Account Options Sign in. But their free association postmodern pop culture flow is confident now and the chaff has been discarded.

Roach Gigz : tous les albums et les singles

Those Geese Were Stupefied. Posted on October 19, 2 comments.

roach gigz headache

But you could use it to teach post-Lex Luger ham rap to your hip hop class, for the same reason you get someone with a neutral accent to teach a language to kids.


It proved predictably short-lived, but no less influential.

The Tonite Show with D-Lo. On Bitch, I’m A Player, Roach tethers hyphy’s free-wheeling impulses to rap’s more deliberate present tense. The scenarios he finds himself in alongside Kanye, who at one point advises his future son to avoid telethons, undermine even his fresher flows.

roach gigz headache

Roach Gigz — Fuck A Chorus http: Which is sad, considering what it could have been. On Niggas In Paris, for example, Jay-Z lays down a textbook verse about being so successful he no longer cares. In a past life I got way too personal with my criticism of Sean McTiernan’s predilection for Kendrick Lamar and dulcimer music made by psychotic men in forests on the legendary Them’s The Vagaries podcast.

Hip Hop Monday Lil B — Unchain Me [Berkeley].

My Medicine

Buckets And Booty Calls. Roach Gigz is a clear-cut product of his musical environment. Some albums are statement albums by virtue of the circumstances surrounding their release — a rapper getting out of jail, say. Husalah and Lil B are on the same track, Stupid, which, at a breakneck tempo, is pretty remarkably weird. But it tends to come in the form of double take-inducing lines about driving a Ferrari like it was a Chevy, wedged amongst auto-pilot bars about being stoned or rich and even, at various points, Wiz Khalifa shout outs.

Maybe the best way to squeeze the most juice out of this collaboration would have been to make it a Gucci Mane album with a Waka Flocka Flame hooks, ad libs and three words per line final verses. Others are statement albums because they arrive from nowhere with a fully-formed, confident, unique sound.


Listen to this album and millions more. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. First off, this is a dude with weird, interesting things to say, or at least a weird, interesting way of saying things. It’s these moments that keep Roach grounded.

This Shyt Dont Stop, Vol. Gigz pays special tribute to Lil B by biting him thoroughly through his verse while Lil B, not to be outdone, responds to the challenge and the title of the song by delivering one of the dumbest verses in his huge catalogue of dumb verses, pulling off a total of 0. Im Gay with no apostrophe fulfilled its meme generation purpose by making everyone shocked that a rapper would call a record that, but the raps, though improving technically, are still not great.

Main Attrakionz — Swaggin Hard [Oakland].