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In the very first conversation in the book, Yoshitaka again says this to Ayane and she is left wondering whether her husband really loved her or not. When he directs Utsumi to ask a list of questions he refuses to disclose his theory until after she has provided the answers to him. Whereas Kusanagi is uncommonly polite at least to American readers , Yukawa is brusque and disputatious. And the revelation of those emotions, the driving events, are just as important as the how of it all. Trivia About Salvation of a Sa

salvation of a saint keigo higashino

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As any mystery which is amenable to deduction by the reader disappoints me, I wouldn’t rate this as high as his other novels I have read. Police detective Kusanagi and his assistant Utsumi investigate the case. While the magician entices us to watch something in the open, his quicksilver hands does the business out of sight, and we are mystified at the apparent breakdown of the rules of nature.

Salvation of a Saint – Wikipedia

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Salvation of a Saint Group Read. Kusangi with all the experience of his illustrious detective career, can’t extract the information from Ayane, while Utsumi has sapvation her sight on Ayane as the prime suspect.

Ayane, on the other hand, is portrayed as the model housewife. Rounding up for that.

While she’s away Yoshitaka is murdered with arsenic-laced coffee. Even though at that point the readers conveniently know who the killer is, the police force are in the dark and still have a lot of pieces of the puzzle to figure out.


Even as I was reading and was absolutely sure about something, I was led astray by the revelation of new clues and information which made me doubt myself so much. Love the plot though I’m a bit pissed off at Kusanagi most of the times– the watering flowers scene gave me headache like you should know there’s something wrong about it Mr Detective!

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Ov as good as the previous one but excellent in its own way. We meet an assortment of complex characters. The only difference is, unlike the magic trick, the novelist tells us how it was done at the end. This is an unusual mystery. InThe Devotion of Suspect X was a hit with critics and readers alike.

Salvation of a Saint

But while the method is brilliant and there is a logical explanation for all the doubts it gives rise to, I felt slightly disappointed here as I partly guessed where the poison was, and how it was disposed off. The book opens with his reiteration of his so-called ‘life’s plan’. And it snaps so mysteriously that it forms a perfect circle, with no hole in it.

Still, an extremely enjoyable and well-written mystery, with memorable characters.

salvation of a saint keigo higashino

The book was simply un-put-down-able. How do you keep your readers interested in a murder mystery when the keigl is revealed at the very beginning of the book? I expected to be shocked, and instead only felt vague interest. Nevertheless, on the whole, a concoction worth savouring. The first major English language publication from the most popular bestselling writer in Japan, it was acclaimed as “stunning,” “brilliant,” and “ingenious.

salvation of a saint keigo higashino

A man in his early middle ovwho was about to divorce his wife of a year, as she couldn’t conceive in the stipulated time, is found dead in his house by his young lover, who’s in fact the wife’s disciple. This site illustrates some examples of prize-winning Japanese quilts, along with commentary by some of the artists http: I enjoyed the way the emotions of the story tugged at me without descending into the maudilin or horrific, as well as Higashino’s complete failure to include car chases, ominous but missed hints from the criminals as they pack their bombs, and dire threats to end the world as the detective almost salvafion to catch them in time.


One of the things I’m really coming to appreciate Higashino is that while his stories focus on the technical genius of the murders, he gives equal weight to the emotions behind the murder. But despite being a book of the ssint genre, Salvation of a Saintprovides ample food for thought on the complexities of the human mind and offers the reader some philosophical meanderings to go with a regular offering of salvatiln mind-boggling mystery.

View all 6 comments. What follows is the elaborate observation of the clues to rule out different possibilities to get to the heart of the crime.

salvation of a saint keigo higashino

How the murder is done and the reason behind it is something simply stunning. Meanwhile Yoshitaka has been having an affair with Hiromi, Ayane’s apprentice in the art of salcation making.