February 9, 2020


Shutter sound and rec sound silencer. HYI – Tweaks Author: Jay Freeman saurik Pre-Depends: ReederPatcher modifies menu effect on Twitter menu item for more speedy posting and adds some additional prefs on the Preferences. Fake your location easily with this app. Move common toggles directly into springboard where they’re always there! Rethought and remade for retina display.

sbsettings 3.3.1 deb

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Package to add afc2 service for USB browsing of filesystem.

Jay Freeman saurik Maintainer: Toggle phone into Airplane mode Package: Works like side buttons. Adds the afc2 service and reboots the phone, to fix issues for folks unable to use USB browsers like iPhoneBrowser with blackra1n. It allows direct viewing of files of various types, debb.

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ceb Repository with Apps and Mods developed in or specific for Brazil Label: Disable device rotation with toggle for SBSettings Package: Jay Freeman saurik Depends: Transparent Springboard background gradient.


Statusbar icon support for 4. Toggle Personal Hotspot sharing; 4.

Fixes the main JailbreakMe 3. Kill all background processes for SBSettings Package: Backup and restore your cydia apps for upgrades and iTunes restores.

SBSettings به ورژن آپدیت شد . [بایگانی] – انجمن تخصصی نسل جدید موبایل ها

Open links in 3rd-party browser, instead of Safari Package: GNU’s heavy-weight implementation of awk Package: AppStorePatcher expands the way of the share app information. Jay Freeman saurik Replaces: It allows fast navigation through the iPhone file system.

sbsettings 3.3.1 deb

Improves and extends iOS4 folders. Jay Freeman saurik Architecture: X 1,2 and 3 Description: Perl-compatible regular expressions Package: Text files and property lists can be edited. For PDF files direct jumping to pages is possible. In addition, files can be uploaded and downloaded from iFile’s built-in web server. Oracle’s embeddable database engine Package: These are the built in toggles for the SBSettings app.

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A File Manager and Viewer. Minimalistic file manager for iPhone. HYI – Tweaks Author: Experimental Repository for iPhone Label: ReederPatcher modifies menu effect on Twitter menu item for more speedy posting and adds some additional prefs on the Preferences. Files can be sent as email attachments. GUI To set your date and time by den time servers.


sbsettings 3.3.1 deb