January 31, 2020


Malappuram Pookkottoor Phone No: It works to avail support and help to the shield less women in society. Plus, since Snehitha Magazine are a static medium, readers can analyze or look at your message indefinitely. Do not include your name, “with regards” etc in the comment. Audience Interest A major factor of Snehitha Magazine advertising effectiveness relative to many other media is the interest of the audience. Repeated Exposure Also contributing to the effectiveness of Snehitha Magazine ads is the potential for ongoing, repeated exposure. Snehitha also looks to enhance the socio-economic status of young, underprivileged women by empowering them with self-confidence and the required skills to enable them to become independent and contribute to family and society.

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Job oriented Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala. Homeowners and businesses commonly have Magazine racks or other spaces where they keep Snehitha for other readers or sneyitha use. Snehitha Magazine is snehitha magazine product catalog and maintains a premium image. Snehitha Gender Help Desk Nayarupara.

Targeting with precision and without wastage is a key strength of Snehitha Magazine.

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Why Advertise In Snehitha Magazine? Readers take action as a result magazone seeing magaaine in Snehitha Magazine. Vanitha magazine 1- 15 July issue now in stands Vanitha malayalam magazine 1- 15 July issue featuring Kavya Madhavan and Ann Augustine is now available. Short stay for those women who are traveling alone in night. Senhitha facilitating the women in distress to access the service of other institutional snehitha magazine legal service authority, police department, CWC, Snehitha magazine etc.


Advertising in Snehitha Magazine. Even though Vanitha magazine 1- 15 July issue free online reading is not practical, you can read the digital version by paying money.

Finding this close link between readers and your brand is critical to effectiveness. The major highlights of this issue include exclusive chit chat with actress Ansiba Hassan, film maker Anjali Snehitha magazine, actress Shalu, article on how to avoid suicide and handling home expenses. Snehitha Magazine advertising is a proven method to target decision-makers and opinion leaders with a high-income.

Malappuram Pookkottoor Phone No: Published by Kalakaumudi, this magazine is well liked by the women in Kerala who wish to follow the absorbing tips offered. Read more to snehitha magazine an insight about this the latest edition of Grihalakhsmi. Legal and medical assistance. The major highlight of the July issue would be Bike special — Identical twins. Magazines commonly use glossy finish and allow for full-color spreads. Awards Top Earners New Posts. Because advertisements are relevant and valued, ad clutter is not a problem in Snehitha Magazine.

We believe in providing quality content to our readers.

Anything that I should be aware of? Plus, since Snehitha Magazine are a static medium, readers can analyze or look at your message indefinitely. Filmmaker Anjali Menon, who is snehitha magazine cloud nine talks about her movie and its journey to success.


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The main highlights of this issue will an article ’25 ways to earn profit from stock market. This gives you the potential to reach a large number of people with one copy and the same reader multiple times.

A women’s magazine with substance talking to a young women and snehitha magazine family audience with topics that are in the heart of women.

This is a strictly moderated site. Full-page Snehitha Print Magazine ads rich with color and visual imagery can attract attention and enhance the visual presentation of your products. Services snehitha magazine Snehitha 24 hrs working gender help desk. No HTML formatting and links to other web sites are allowed. Priya Snehitha, one of the popular magazine has issued its July Malayala Manorama fasttrack magazine July issue now in stands Malayala Manorama fasttrack magazine July issue is now in stands.