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Home Liferay Portal English 3. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I have read about the solrj default uses GET Hi, Did you get any answer to this query? Email Required, but never shown. UserIndexer completed in 0 seconds


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It makes following discussions in the mailing list archives particularly difficult.

Download solr-solrj JAR ➔ With all dependencies!

POST ; Thanks solr-solfj-4.3.1 advance. Sign up using Facebook. For people who have same issue, solved solved adding: BookmarksIndexer completed in 0 seconds Hi Praveen, The problem i was facing for latest version is still there. Which version of solr you using? My preliminary Internet search led me to believe that some Spark or Hadoop components bring an older version of httpclientso I’ve tried to exclude them in my pom.

But when I invoke that utility class inside a Spark Streaming application, I get the exception above as soon as it is trying to establish a connection to the Solr server. Active 4 years, 8 months ago. In reply to this solr-solrj-4.3.1 by Matt Lieber.


Cheers, Tim On Tue, Jul 23, at 3: Sllr-solrj-4.3.1 reply to this post by Mikhail Khludnev.


Hi Mahesh Which version of solr you solr-solr-4.3.1 No live SolrServers available to handle this request: How did you implement the streaming processor?

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Even if you change the subject line of your email, other mail headers still track which thread you replied to and your question is “hidden” in that thread and gets less attention.

It might have some limited extreme usage. Invalid version or the data in not in ‘javabin’ format. Invalid version or the data in not in ‘javabin’ format at org. That sounds like a satisfactory solution for the time being – I am assuming you dump the data from Solr in a csv format?

Maybe using Relocating Classes feature of Maven could handle this issue, but I did not want to complicate my pom.

Normally, when I use my utility class that uses SolrJ to connect to a Solr server and run it by itself running it stand-alone without Sparkeverything works as expected.

Solr – User – socket write error Solrj

Is there anyone interested? When I analyze my pom. AssetIndexer completed in 0 seconds I’m using Spark 1.



Hello Solr users, Question regarding processing a lot of docs returned from a query; I potentially have millions of documents returned back from a query. OrganizationIndexer completed in 0 seconds The cause lists the reason the original request failed. Mikhail, It is a slightly hacked JSONWriter – actually, while poking around, I have discovered that dumping big hitsets would be possible – the main hurdle right now, is that writer is expecting to receive docuemnts with fields loaded, but if it received something that loads docs lazily, you could stream thousands and thousands of recs just as it is done with the normal response – standard operation.

Invalid version or the data in not in ‘javabin’ format java.

Download solr-solrj JAR 4.3.1 with all dependencies

This question comes up a few times a year. It is working fine with previous version. On Tue, Jul 23, at