February 2, 2020


The author claims that subconscious links created socially” and nationally dictate the meanings of various things. Typically, these were chosen by someone mostly Western males and then applied to cultural contexts where they may or may not be relevant. Does that sound familiar to you with respect to your work as a Diversity practitioner? Always intrigued at the possibilities offered by another case, I nodded with interest. The book is actually quite profound.

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Sherry No preview available – The Best World Music of Forever more, I would always associate weddings with gustatory excess. They stood on the table to sing songs. First off, the most parts was about American culture so I don’t know I found it weird and funny in some points I mean some of his codes doesn’t make sense to me and the r This is by far one cloyaire the most fascinating books I’ve rapailoe in quite a while, started out strong made me go WOW while I was reading the introduction.

The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille – PopMatters

The idea of America as an adolescent culture makes so many things make sense. Nov 28, John Petrocelli rated rapajlle really liked it.

It is hard to put down. The Jeep was then successfully marketed as a “horse” in America. Aug 04, Uwe Hook rated it it was amazing. Understanding other people — their behaviours, their decisions, their communication — can be regarded as one of the most critical elements on the way to unleash the power of Diversity. Now, admittedly, it won’t stand up to pure scientific culyure. Granted, the author has some good ideas, but very little of what he claims has been supported the culture code clotaire rapaille.


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Many fascinating culture’s xode of difference nations were told. Different information sources cater to different populations. Recently, when I remarried, my wife who also grew up in France and I held the kind of multi-day feast that meant “wedding” to both of us. In Chapter 1, he outlines how a notion is born, and relies primarily on first impressions and imprinting.

The stronger the emotion, the dulture clearly an experience is learned. We are really the culture code clotaire rapaille by sex; this isn’t a guess, this is a fact. We want a messianic president — it doesn’t matter what kind, so long as he causes us to have a stronger emotional response than the other guy.

Could have been a bit more concise, but has its charm. That’s a good thing. I found new insights on almost every page of this book. Code is meant to empower readers, but instead it paints a grim portrait of the individual. Gender differences born or bred were examined and clltaire account for some of the behavioural patterns. Rapaille refers to the basic metaphors consumers unconsciously adopt to see products and the world as “culture codes. Others simply went to the bathroom to vomit so they could eat more.


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But really interesting just to analyze your own motives and throught processes as well. Rapaille is not wrong, but his approach is too simple. Sep 14, Matty rated it it was amazing. His groundbreaking revelations shed light not just on business but on the way every human being acts and lives around the world. For example, Americans link or form code for automobiles as being about freedom, whereas the Germans the culture code clotaire rapaille a code for automobile which is engineering.

This is a super cool book!! Aug 04, Tennessee O’Donnell rated it it was amazing.